Oft kommt es anders als man denkt . Wir brauchen eine Pause. ... Hi Everyone, The remixcontest mission is almost accomplis ... The only thing you have to do is , write an Email (info@waap ... our next artist enter the dcc, aike feat. amy lyon - you on ... a bunch of 14 awesome trax from dj aroma, sven wegner, sebus ... So langsam machen sich die Assistenten und Feierfreunde eini ... Letzte Woche waren es noch die Bullets, diese Woche ist er s ... ... seit heute könnt ihr unser neuestes release sven wegner - f ... heute haben uns die testpressungen unseres nächsten release ...


We are looking for new talents with a remix contest!

The only thing you have to do is , write an Email (info@waap.biz) till December 31th and we will send you a remix package of an upcoming waap-release. You are then more than welcome to make a remix of that track and send it back to us till Jan 31st 2013. We will then get back to you to present the remix. At this point we will not interfere anymore and give the power to the listeners / fans /audience. The winner will be the remix with the highest nummer of likes.
We would be happy to get lots of great remixes and of course we will publish the best 3 versions , paying our usual fee to you as a remix artist. We are looking forward to hear lots of great new talent and to have lots of people interact for the best music they want to listen to.
This is the chance for a very democratic approach to your dancefloor, musicnerds, Djs, fans , musiclovers and all our labelsupporters, go for it!
ps:please only Deep,Minimal,Tech-House,House,Techno.no trance,hardstyle etc.(-: