smacs and patrick kong

smacs and patrick kong


waap024, waap030


For over 10 years now SMACS & PATRICK KONG follow their vision and its translation with passion. They follow their artistic journey fueled by mind, body and soul. Which brings us right up to the main subject. It's SMACS & PATRICK KONGS enthusiasm for that perfect sound harmony which guarantees a shaking dance floor. That is what counts, and that is what they will do. Be it their Dj and live sets, their remixes or their own music production. Techno - minimal - electro - house, it does not matter. Their motto is: Everything goes! And in case that you have experienced SMACS & PATRICK KONG before, be it in a club, on your turntable or live - you will know that their concept works perfectly.

Just one thing to add:
Watch out for SMACS & PATRICK KONG!
The two mightiest monsters of all time comin´ your way!

Text by: Michael Forobosko, stereo SL/radio orange [Vienna – June 08]